Superinsulated Duplex



Kitchen4GregHouse-duplex_0004Ducts1Bath1Laundry1Bedroom2Kitchen2       Bedroom1

This house is a side-by-side duplex with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in each unit. We rent this house out; each unit has all appliances including washer and dryer. It has R31 wall and R70 ceiling insulation. The siding is unfinished rough sawn poplar, the roof is unpainted galvanized standing seam metal. Inside all floors are either wood or ceramic tile. It features an air-to-air heat exchanger, low voc paints, and efficient appliances. On the south side it has 180 square feet of solar thermosyphon air heating panels which work by convection when the winter sun hits them. The site is adjacent to my straw bale house and RGM Properties, LLC, a partnership between my dad and I, owns it. Completed in 2008.





  1. Anika Roth

    Hi Greg! A friend and I are looking for a place, and this looks perfect! Sooo beautiful, and I was really hoping to rent from an actual person as opposed to a property management company. I had to move out of my last place because I was allergic to it. It had been smoked in and has carpets. It’s so great to hear that it has low voc paint. I really hope we can rent it! -Anika

  2. Norah

    Hi Greg,

    My spouse and I are looking for a place to rent starting at the end of July. We are both recent Goshen College graduates and would love to take care of great place like this. We hope to learn more about green energy maintenance!

  3. Aaron McLeod

    Hello Mr. Lehman
    My husband and I are looking for a place to rent. If you have anything available could you please get in touch with me. Thank you and have a Blessed Day.

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