Goshen Ecovillage

manufactured house in commonsecovillage with commonsOverview:

We have a 2 acre site within the city limits of Goshen, IN, currently occupied by my straw bale duplex, the superinsulated duplex, and the original house on the site, a mid-1980’s manufactured house. A new cob house is currently under construction.

The plan is to develop a central green commons and community garden which will have spaces such as a gazebo, fire circle, patio, and seating areas. The front porches of each house will face toward the green, making it the focus of the community. The houses will be cohesive in style, yet each being distinctly different. Currently, as is illustrated by the top left photo, the manufactured house and its driveway run right through the center of the future commons garden–I’m still trying to figure out the best way to address this issue. Currently there are one owner occupied unit and 4 rental units. In the longer term I would like to have a better balance which would be 4-5 owner occupied units and 3 rental units.

Current project:

A new cob cottage on the South-East corner of the site by Steury Ave. (purple area on above right photo)



  1. Janet Nichols

    Greg. You are doing some amazing things!!! Shawnda and I are inspired by you!

  2. Jason Rhodes Showalter

    Beautiful, creative, forward-thinking work! Thanks for the chat today.

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