Pocket Neighborhood

Overview: (updated Dec ’22)

We have a 2 acre site within the city limits of Goshen, IN. The long term plan is to develop a central plaza like that which would be found in a medieval European village. The front porches of each house will face toward the plaza, making it the focus of the community.


Map Key:

Red: Future paved areas in brick with concrete edging.

Light Green: Rain gardens and stormwater retention.

Dark Green: Community gardens and permaculture plantings.

Light Blue: Currently existing buildings:

L to R across top of picture: 1. Straw bale and cob house 2. Garage/shop 3. 1986 Manufactured house 4. Superinsulated duplex

Bottom Right: New cob house

Orange: Future Building Ideas:

Left: Single family house to be determined. As this site is away from the village square, it would be the last to be developed.

Lower Middle: Cob house with garage/shop attached to its right side. The smaller orange area attached to this will be a bedroom which will belong to the new cob house (blue).

Middle Right: Workshop/porch facing square which will belong to the manufactured house and serve the purpose of blocking the view of the manufactured house from the square. To its right, the skinny orange area denotes a wall with drive gate to allow access to the manufactured house’s basement garage. To the right of that, a new house–construction to be determined. The smaller orange rectangle to the right will be a gazebo/pavilion to be shared by the community.


  1. Janet Nichols

    Greg. You are doing some amazing things!!! Shawnda and I are inspired by you!

  2. Jason Rhodes Showalter

    Beautiful, creative, forward-thinking work! Thanks for the chat today.

  3. Hi Greg ! I talked with Dick Lehman, while looking for dried clay for our Elkhart Natural Building project….and got your phone number ! I will be in town at the Wellfield Botanical gardens on a natural building project June13-17 Hope to connect. 🙂 Deanne Bednar (cob cottage, thatching, strawbale studio ) 248 496 4088 Perhaps you could give me your contact info?

  4. I like what you’re doing.

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