Gregory Lehman graduated from Goshen College in 1993 as an art major with a focus in jewelry design. He has since then studied ecological building and traditional building craft. Lehman enjoys building, cooking, and landscaping. He has traveled to all 7 continents. For the last 12 years he has worked as an RN, currently spending 1/2 of his time as an RN and 1/2 of his time on building projects. Lehman lives in Goshen, Indiana with his wife Karen in the straw bale and cob house he designed and built.


  1. Idris Busari

    Happy new year Gregory! I am Idris a resident of Goshen. I have been researching natural building and have made some trips to Southern Indiana, a more likely environment to be rooted in Nature. I was driving around Goshen today when I saw your on-going project. It is beautiful! Do you do talks and workshop about your work? Do you offer courses/classes in natural building? Thanks!

  2. Rita


    Your home is beautiful.
    Do you know of any cob homes fir sale in northern Indiana?
    Are you a builder?
    Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Rita Garand

    • Thank you for your interest in my projects. I don’t know of any cob houses for sale in northern Indiana. There is very little natural building activity in this area that I am aware of. The house I am currently working on has turned into a long term project as I’m only working on it part-time. I do want to sell it at some point, but that will be at least 2-3 years away.

  3. Mary Catherine McDonald

    Hi Greg,

    I am Mary Catherine from South Bend. I am currently looking into learning about building with cobb and straw and wanted to know more about your experience with it, in our climate. I normally would say that I would love to attend a workshop but given the reality of the pandemic, I would love to even just have a phone conversation. Please let me know if there is anyway to connect. Thank you!


    Hi Greg, happy Christmas and happy New Year, I highly appreciate your work, especially the asian pagoda. Would there be any issue in sharing some detail related to the wooden roof structure? especially for what relates to roof corner. Gratefully.

    • Thanks for your interest in my projects. The hip beam is 5×5″ which is the same as the posts. The smaller rafters are 2×2″. The roof strapping (purlins) are 1×3″. I attach the 1×3’s with deck screws and sometimes need a clamp where the bend is tighter. The book I used to get the proportions and layout of the frame and roof is Measure and Construction of the Japanese House by Heino Engel.


        Thanks a lot Greg afor your reply, highly appreciated, I am expecting launching such (private) project and inquired about some inputs. If things fly on, I will definitely let you know.
        Happy New Year.

  5. Alice

    Hi Greg,
    I came across your work and was excited to learn that a natural builder was in Indiana. The craftsmanship looks beautiful. Would you by any chance have time to provide a tour to a few local admirers?

    Thank you,

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