I’m not taking design/build projects at this time as I am finishing up the new cob house.

I have been interested in building craft since college and have attended many workshops which have ranged from 2 days up to 3 weeks long:

1997 Straw bale at The Farm in TN, 3 days

1998 “Materials and Tectonics” at Yestermorrow Design Build School in VT, 8 days

1999 Complete Natural Building with Cob Cottage Co, Sawpit, CO, 20 days

2001 Thatching at Fox Maple School, ME, 1 week

2001 Hosted Cob Workshop, 9 days, taught by Ianto Evans, Cob Cottage Company

2008 Timberframing at Yestermorrow, 1 week

2012 and 2014? Blacksmithing I and II at Tillers International, Kalamazoo, MI 2 days

2012 The Art of Stonemasonry at Tillers, MI 3 days

2013 Stained Glass Intensive at Yestermorrow, 1 week

2016 Historic Lime Plasters and Renders at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum in Singleton, West Sussex, England, 2 days

2017 Blacksmithing III at Tillers International, Kalamazoo, MI 2 days

2019 Wood Fundamentals: hand tools, Tillers, 4 evenings.


  1. Thomas Cook


    I came across and replied to an add on craigslist for a rental that also linked to this site. As strange as it sounds I just wanted to be sure this was in fact your ad.

    Also, everything on the site is really cool!

    • Hi Thomas,

      I emailed you back today regarding the rental advert. I studied art at Goshen College; graduated class of ’93. I was into ceramics, jewelry, sculpture. Not so much into the 2D stuff. You had mentioned you were coming to Goshen to do a pottery internship. Any chance that is with Mark Goertzen? Or someone else? Goshen has some good momentum going these days with the arts. When you get into town, feel free to look me up.


  2. Hi Greg! Barb and I have been coming back to Goshen a couple of times a year to bring our daughter to school… and again in a few weeks. It would be great to see your amazing place! Tim

  3. John David

    Cool stuff!

  4. hi!
    I wonder if I could hire you to help me design my green small home? I am thinking of a similar design but redwood bark infill and some extras for CA earthquakes. How can I reach you?

    • Thanks for your interest. I’m not taking on any design work as I’ve got a lot on my plate and plan to continue working exclusively on my pocket neighborhood over the next number of years. I’ll private message you as well. Greg

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