Traveling to places around the world has helped shape my world view and given me ideas which inform and influence my design projects.

In 1988 I went on a trip to Europe for 3 weeks with the high school band, then in college spent a semester in China in 1990. From 1997-2005 I worked 7 seasons as support crew for the United States Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station. During the off seasons I would spend part of the time traveling and have been to all 7 continents. Since that time I have continued to travel when I can, most often to Spain where my wife studies Spanish on her summer break from teaching.

In February 2016 I took a 10 day trip to Jordan. In June I flew to Dublin where I spent a few days before heading south to Granada, Spain for 2 weeks. From Granada, on to southern England to take “Historic Lime Plasters and Renders”, a 2 day course at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum.

In 2017 I will travel to Italy, Spain, and Morocco. I will spend 5 days in Italy (Venice, Volterra, Florence) before heading to Granada where my wife will be studying. We plan to spend a weekend in Morocco as well.